YouTubers Booked For Uploading Clip

The horrific gang rape case in Hyderabad has brutally stunned the entire nation. The whole nation is saddened and upset by this terrible incident. The victim of this horrific gang rape is a 17-year-old minor. According to recent reports, a video of the incident is circulating on social media. In the video, the group of boys can be seen beating and torturing the girl. The video shows the brutality and barbarism that innocent girls were subjected to.

Hyderabad gang rape video footage goes viral on social media: YouTubers booked to upload the clip

According to reports, one of the rapists involved is a son of MLA and this video is also going viral on social media so this video has become political in no time. Now some more videos of the incident are being uploaded on social media. In some videos, the faces of the rapists can be seen and are easily identified. Investigations in this case are progressing at a very high level as it concerns the son of an MLA. Public outrage is also one of the prominent reasons why the police are under massive pressure.

Hyderabad Gangrape Video Footage Goes Viral

Although upon investigation it turns out that 3 out of 5 rapists are minors and under 18 years old. One of the boys in the video is identified as the son of AIMIM MLA. On Saturday, BJP MLA Raghunandan Rao posted a video and a picture on social media. He even questioned Hyderbad police officers about the investigation. The case has now become political, other party leaders are trying their best to use this incident to speak out against AIMIM leaders.

BJP accuses the leader and also the investigating authorities of not conducting the investigation properly since it concerns the MLA’s son. There is massive public outrage in Hyderabad. The public has spoken out in favor of the underage victim. The public fights for justice. The Hyderabad public is dissatisfied with the police, many people have accused the police of not properly investigating the case.

The public is not satisfied with the course of the investigation. Massive outrage is also easy to spot on social media. Netizens are angry with the police and with the increasing crime against women in the country. Netizens are demanding justice for the victim and strict laws for the attackers who commit such brutal crimes. Stay tuned with us for the latest national and international updates, news and information.