Woman sheds 21lbs ahead of her wedding day after ceremony is postponed


Helen Dimmick changed her look before marrying Phil Ainsworth after their wedding ceremony was twice postponed.

Many couples have been forced to postpone their weddings after the Covid-19 pandemic sparked a spate of lockdowns.


Helen Dimmick, 49, and Phil Ainsworth, 55, were among those who were able to make their wedding day extra special after having to wait longer than they expected to tie the knot.

After struggling to achieve the results she wanted herself, Helen embarked on a customized exercise program that helped her shed 21 pounds ahead of her big day.


Speaking to Mazic News, Helen explained that while her weight has fluctuated during the pandemic, she has been at her most productive, both personally and professionally, during the lockdown.

Helen said: “I hadn’t focused on diet and exercise at the same time and hadn’t realized that the key to success isn’t what you do in the gym, it’s what you do outside of it.


“I also believe focus helps and it was very motivating to look my best on my wedding day.

“First and foremost, I wanted to lose weight. After the pandemic and three lockdowns, my weight fluctuated, even considering my age, I noticed a decrease in muscle tone.


“I wanted to feel in control and have confidence in my performance.

“I saw this as an opportunity and an opportunity to think outside the box and improve my game. It has also focused me on the important values ​​in life – family and friends, but also charity work, the community, environmental and sustainability issues.”


Helen weighed in at 12.3 stone when she began the customized training program with Alchemy Personal Training.

After completing the six-week program, she dropped to just 10.10 stone.

Helen Dimmick lost 21 pounds for her wedding anniversary with a tailored exercise program (Image: Alchemy Training)

Helen continued, “Now I have more energy and focus and skills for life through the program.

“I also firmly believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. [and so] I achieve more professionally when I’m in my best physical condition.”


Helen Dimmick

Helen Dimmick is an award-winning gemologist and jewelry specialist who has been in the industry for over 20 years. Known from various media articles and podcasts, the 49-year-old consultant is credited as an expert on ITV’s bling.


Helen was raised by her mother and father, who were respectively nurse and businessman. Widowed at an early age, Helen’s grandmother sparked her love of jewelry and promised Helen her wedding ring for her big day.

From the age of 16, Helen decided to pursue a career in jewelery and went on to study art history and architecture at the University of Manchester before turning to the jewelery industry, where she worked for Tiffany & Co amongst others.


In addition to her passion for jewelry, Helen had a deep love for ballet and trained from the ages of three to 19. The gemologist gave up the art due to her university studies and minor injuries to her hip and lower back, but still admires the “artwork, discipline and development”.

Helen said: “Ballet was a competition with myself on how to focus and how to continuously improve (I’ve always been a perfectionist).


“Unfortunately, I knew it wasn’t going to be a career for me [due to my slight injuries] and I regret that my perfectionist personality did not allow me to just relax and enjoy ballet at a lower level. I hope that maybe one day I will return.”

  • Helen is 49 years old
  • She is a gemologist, jewelry specialist and diamond appraiser
  • Helen met her husband Phil through work and had known each other for seven years before they started dating in 2014.
  • She lost 21 pounds for her wedding on June 1, 2021.

Helen met her now husband Phil Ainsworth through the same shopping group. The two now work together at Ainsworth Jewelers – a 150 year old family business in Blackburn.


The two jewelers wanted to get married in Italy, where Helen’s father lived, and booked a stunning medieval monastery, now hotel, in Florence for May 2020.

But at the last moment the wedding had to be canceled due to the outbreak of the corona virus.


Helen tells The times: “There was a pandemic going on, so I didn’t want to sit down and lament that my wedding in Florence couldn’t go ahead. We wanted to get married. It wasn’t about the marriage.”

Instead, Helen and Phil waited a year for a special marriage license at Giggleswick School Chapel in North Yorkshire, where Phil and his father were once boarders, and a reception at Falcon Manor.


Helen added: “I think it was meant to be…Italy was beautiful but the day couldn’t have gone better.”

Helen’s family

Helen’s Nana Annie inspired her love of jewelry (Image: Helen Dimmick)

Growing up close to her family, Helen even started an initiative called Annie’s Legacy, named after her grandmother who sparked her passion for jewelry.

The jewelry consultant said: “My family is everything to me, I grew up with so much respect, support and encouragement. The person I am today is a great testament to my family.


“My beloved Nana worked in a mill all her life, she was one of the liveliest, hardworking and intelligent women I have ever known. She was sadly widowed at a young age, but she adored my grandfather, whom I never knew and who always told me that one day I would have her wedding ring.

“It contains so much love and it’s the most precious piece of jewelry I own in terms of feelings.”


During her wedding ceremony to Philip, her grandmother’s wedding ring was presented with a diamond guard ring as Helen did not want to cut it short.



Helen and Philip knew each other for seven years before starting a relationship in 2014.

The two jewelers started their relationship with active first dates like hiking, windsurfing and paddle boarding and continued their passion by walking in the Peak and Lakes District where they live.


As both colleagues and spouses, Philip and Helen have accomplished great things this year – celebrating their one-year anniversary, as well as guest appearances on the It Runs In the Family podcast and award nominations.

Rufus Bradshaw is the owner of Alchemy Personal Training, which offers a six-week transformational program (Image: Alchemy)

Helen began training with Rufus Bradshaw of Alchemy Personal Training Studio in Cheshire after her brother recommended his services and embarked on a six-week plan to prepare for her wedding.


The jewelry specialist continues to train with the team after the Fit for Life Transformation Program, as Helen sees Rufus “as much as a life coach as a coach.”

Helen added, “This program was revolutionary for me in that it incorporated a calorie-controlled diet and regular but varied exercise routines. Although it seemed daunting, I soon got used to the diet and the recipes and enjoyed them.

Alchemy Personal Training Team based in Winslow, Cheshire (Image: Alchemy)

“It helped that I had an inspirational purpose, but when times were tough, the support of Rufus and his team really got me through. The key ingredient is how much they care, and I truly believe that’s the recipe for Alchemy’s success. It’s genuine passion for what they do and attention to what’s happening with their clients, not just when they’re working out in the gym, but the rest of the time as well.”

Owner of Alchemy PT, with over 38 years combined experience across the Winslow studio, Rufus Bradshaw said the program is driven by customers.


He said: “Starting your fitness journey can be difficult, especially when you’re new to the sport – but that’s where we come in. All we ask is that our clients are 100% committed to the process and we take care of the rest. [Their] Success is what drives us.”

The Personal Training Studio is based in Cheshire and offers one-on-one sessions (Image: Alchemy)

Alchemy Training is offering a limited time six week transformation for just £999.