Witness Number 3: Channel 5 release date, cast and trailer


Witness Number 3 is a new four-part Channel 5 thriller about a woman who witnesses a murder and is targeted

Channel 5’s new crime drama series Witness Number 3 examines just how much a woman is willing to risk to do what’s right.


The series is directed by Diarmuid Goggins, whose credits include Bulletproof, Silent Witness, and Red Rock.

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Witness Number 3 is part of a new roster of UK shows created by Channel 5 to replace Neighbors, which the channel wanted to scrap this year.


The show is set in a South London estate, but filming actually took place in Ireland.

witness number 3

What is witness number 3 about?


The series revolves around Jodie, a single mother who runs a hair salon on a London estate and becomes embroiled in a criminal investigation after a quick peek out her window.

Looking out her window, Jodie sees two men walking down a street just before one kills the other.


It turns out the killer is the leader of a brutal local gang, and Jodie’s testimony could lock him up.

Jodie responds to a police call for information and learns her identity will remain anonymous.


As a key witness in a murder case, Jodie’s own life is in jeopardy when the violent gang target her and her family in an attempt to intimidate them into silence.

Nina Toussaint White as Jodie

As the series progresses, it becomes clear that there is no line that gangsters will not cross to get what they want.


Now that Jodie’s mother and child aren’t threatened and the police can’t be everywhere at once, she has to decide whether to say something or remain silent.

Who is in the cast of witness number 3?


Nina Toussaint-White stars as Jodie, the witness to the murder. She is known for playing Rayburn in Bodyguard and Jacki in The Sister.

Sion Daniel Young plays PC Ivan Barkas, whose job it is to keep Jodie safe when she becomes a key witness in the case.


Ruaridh Mollica plays Po, a member of a violent gang who begins terrorizing Jodie and her loved ones to keep them from speaking.

Other cast members include

  • Clare Dunne as Detective Whelan
  • Sue Johnston as Cathy
  • Cole Martin as Kyle
  • Katherine Field as Dee
  • Paul Tylak as Gabi
  • Gwynne McElveen as DCI Richards
  • David Crowley as Paul
  • Fiach Kunz as Benji Redmond
  • Before that Svetic as Sean Delkin

Is there a trailer

Yes, there is a 20 second teaser trailer which you can check out right here:


When is the release date of witness number 3?

Witness Number 3 aired on Channel 5 on Monday 18 July at 9pm. The series airs at the same time each night, with the final episode airing on July 21st.


Episodes can be viewed on My5 shortly after they first air.

Will there be another season of Witness Number 3?


There hasn’t been any confirmation for a second season of Witness Number 3 yet, and it’s possible the show was intended to be a limited series.

Watch this space for updates on the fate of a second season.