Why does Owen Farrell pull his finger? England player’s gesture explained

England rugby player Owen Farrell pulls his finger after scoring.

Owen Farrell has been a fixture on England and Saracens rugby teams for more than a decade.

He’s perhaps best known on the pitch for his leadership, tough tackles and ability from the tee, but he’s also often spotted making a certain gesture.

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After scoring points, Farrell turns to the nearest camera and drags his finger.

The gesture has often left rugby fans confused as to what it all means.

It’s actually a charity called Joining Jack that supports Farrell.

Here’s everything you need to know about the gesture and why is Owen Farrell making it?

Why is he pulling his finger?

Owen Farrell can be seen pulling his finger every time he scores on a rugby pitch – usually after a penalty or conversion.

The gesture is meant to look like the Joining Jack logo – which features two interlocking js.

Farrell has a close relationship with the charity’s namesake, Jack Johnson, a sports-loving boy who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Farrell has been making the gesture for a number of years, including during England’s run to the 2019 World Cup final.

What is Joining Jack?

Joining Jack is a charity that raises money and awareness for research into treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

It is a severe form of muscular dystrophy that mainly affects boys, with symptoms usually starting around the age of four.

Typically, DMD causes muscle wasting in the thighs and pelvis first, followed by the arms.

It can cause problems getting up and most cannot walk by the age of 12.

There is currently no known cure for DMD, however treatments such as physical therapy, braces and corrective surgery can help with some symptoms.

DMD is an incurable condition and death usually occurs before age 30.

After Jack was diagnosed with DMD, his parents launched the campaign and have raised over £2million.

on his website, I’m going with Jack, he says: “There are no words to describe the utter devastation it feels to hear that your child’s life will be cut short because there is no cure.

“We have had the greatest pleasure watching Jack grow into the amazing boy he is today, but now, incredibly, we must prepare for his steady decline.

“And the worst? To see him fight while his body atrophies and to be absolutely powerless to help him.”

How did Owen Farrell get involved?

Owen’s father Andy Farrell, the current manager of the Ireland national team, was a rugby league player before switching codes in the ’00s.

While at Wigan Warrior in rugby league he was team mates with Jack’s father Andy Johnson and that’s how they know the family.

Both Andy and Owen Farrell are ambassadors for the Joining Jack charity.

Speaking of his role as Ambassador, Andy Farrell said: “I am honored to be an Ambassador for Joining Jack; a charity that helps raise much-needed awareness of the deadly disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

“When AJ asked me to help the first thing I thought of was my own two sons as this mostly affects boys and if anything were ever to happen to them I would hope and pray that I would have support from friends as well.

“AJ has been a great friend since we started playing rugby together and helping him with this charity is a huge privilege.

“Being proactive in difficult times will give this wonderful family the hope we all pray for. So please share this story with as many friends, family and co-workers as possible and let’s all come together to give Jack and kids like him the life they deserve.”

Other ambassadors include Shaun Edwards and Jason Robinson.