Who Was Lily Peters Wisconsin Girl? Juvenile Arrested In Connection To Killing Her

Officials have reportedly arrested a youth in connection with the death of Lily Peters in western Wisconsin. Police Chief Matt Kelm stated that the suspect was arrested early Tuesday evening, April 26, 2022, at a home in Chippewa Falls. The boss added that the suspect was no stranger and was known to the victim. As soon as the news broke, social media was flooded with posts related to the death. People in the area are horrified after learning about the incident. Read the full details on this topic in the following article.

Wisconsin girl Lily Peters

Multiple sources have confirmed that the suspect in the young girl’s death was arrested at a house on the same block as Peters’ aunt’s house. It is also the place where the girl was last seen. Yes, Lily Peters was last seen in the area on Sunday and has since gone missing. After a long search for the girl in the area, Peter’s father took no chances and informed the police.

The girl’s father reportedly called police around 9 p.m. Sunday to tell them Lily had left her aunt’s house but hadn’t arrived home yet. With Lily Peters’ well-being in mind, officers began their investigation. On Monday morning, police found the 10-year-old’s body and a bicycle believed to have belonged to Lily in the woods near her aunt’s home. It was with a heavy heart that the officials informed the family of the death of their little daughter.

The family was devastated after learning of the death of their beloved daughter and couldn’t believe they would never see or hear from her again. Memorials were reportedly set up outside of Parkview Elementary School, where Peters went to school, and on a bridge near where her body was discovered, with balloons, teddy bears and candles. According to her friends, Peter’s favorite color was purple, so the decor was predominantly purple.

“We’re a small town and we’re all there for each other,” said Jasmine Washburn. “And if we could show our support, even if it’s just to give out some flowers for Lily, that would be great.” Therapists, therapy dogs, spiritual guides and counselors are available to Parkview Elementary’s children and staff based on their school system . Currently, officials are further investigating the case to find out more details.