Who was Jon Hill? Jaclyn Hill’s ex-husband’s age explored as drummer passes away

Jon Hill, a musician and ex-husband of Jaclyn Hill, has died. The YouTuber announced this in her Instagram story. His cause of death is still a mystery.

The cosmetics YouTuber announced on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022 that the 33-year-old family man asked her to “share this following slide…”. The following Instagram story showed:

Jon Hill

How old was Jaclyn Hill’s former husband Jon Hill at the time of his death?

Hill, a native of Houston, Texas, was 33 when he died. He has played in a number of bands throughout his career and even had a YouTube channel.

In January 2019 he released his debut album Rebirth, in which he expressed his desire to fight his drug addiction.

The drummer said in a 2019 interview with Billboard that he started using drugs at the age of 17. He went on to say that his drug abuse got progressively worse over the years that followed and that it was one of the factors behind his and Jaclyn Hill’s split.

The artist also revealed that his addiction caused seizures and hives.

In August 2009, Jon and Jaclyn Hill tied the knot. He was a frequent feature on his now ex-YouTube wife’s channel until May 2018, when Jaclyn announced they were divorcing. She admitted that despite their difficulties as a married couple, they “always made wonderful friends.”

Even after her divorce, Jaclyn Hill still uses Jon Hill’s surname in her professional life.

Jon said that his creative music served as a liberation during his battle with drugs and also helped him with detoxification.

When offering guidance to people facing similar problems, Jon said:

It’s important to note that it hasn’t been determined if the musician’s past drug problem contributed to his death.