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The streamer responsible for Mizkif and Esfand’s Twitch ban has made headlines again. Yes, we are actually talking about Jenna “Meowri”. She was the reason why popular Twitch streamers’ accounts were banned for seven days. The streamer recently issued a controversial statement about why she even got her legal team involved. Needless to say, anyone involved in the controversy is catching netizens’ attention. Let us check the full details of the case in the following article and get all the information.

Mizkif Jenna Twitch

During her stream, Meowri said everything she contacted her lawyers about was only regarding her unprofessional behavior, as far as just being drunk on camera. She said she didn’t want that out there. Let us tell you that the matter is three years old. It released a detailed statement on Twitter on April 30, 2019. Esfand shared that he and friend Mizkif both received temporary bans due to an incident at PAX East between them and Meowri.

Esfand added that they had a stream at PAX East where they met another cosplayer. He said that he basically made Mizkif her bit*h. The streamer added that Meowri would do things like look him in the face and force him to call her “Daddy.” He went on to say that she was exhibiting “faux dom behavior” for the sake of humor. Esfand further added that he turned the camera away for a few seconds and when he panned the camera back to Mizkif he said, “She just sucked my cock!” to which he replied, “Really?”.

The couple reportedly didn’t think much about the incident until Meowri texted them a few days later. Esfand had thought they had kept the matter private, little did he know it was about to get worse. Meowri’s lawyers later contacted Twitch, which eventually resulted in the streamers being suspended for seven days. The matter has become a topic of discussion among netizens.

For laypeople, for full-time streamers, a ban of any duration harms their potential business relationships, their reputation, and their respective incomes. Meowri revealed that she did all of this so that the particular clip could be removed from the platform. Whatever the reason, streamers get everyone’s attention. Stay tuned to this space for more such latest updates and trending news around the world.