Who Is Mike Brito Wife Rosario? The Los Angeles Dodgers Top Scout In Mexico Has Passed Away At 87

Mike Brito was the Los Angeles Dodgers’ top scout in Mexico for almost 45 years. He died on Thursday.

Mike found talented people like Fernando Valenzuela, Julio Uras, who is now a pitcher with the Dodgers, and Yasiel Puig. At the time of his death, Mike was 87 years old.

mike brito

mike brito

Dodgers: Who is Mike Brito’s wife Rosario?

Mike Brito was married to Rosario Brito. No one knows exactly when Mike and Rosario got married, but they appear to have been married for a long time.

The Dodgers’ top scout has never told anyone about his wife because he likes to keep that information to himself. Rosario seems shy and she doesn’t like it when the media talks about her personal life.

Rosario was a caring wife who always took care of Mike. The news didn’t mention the couple’s arguments or breakup plans, so it seemed like they were happy together.

Brito was happy to have found Rosario as his life partner and she always helped him with his work. Rosario must be feeling worse now that her husband is dead.

Mike Brito daughters Diana & Minerva

Diana and Minerva Brito are the daughters of Mike and Rosario Brito.

Mike has always been a good father who takes care of his children and enjoys spending time with them. Whenever his daughters needed him, he was always there for them and they respected and loved him in return.

The couple appears to have one married daughter as her daughter has given them four granddaughters. We don’t know much about Brito’s daughters and granddaughters, but it seems like they’re lucky to have such caring parents.

When her daughters found out that their father had died, they must have been very sad. Losing a father is difficult for any child.

Mike Brito Cause of Death & Obituary

Mike Brito, an international scout for the Dodgers, died Thursday at the age of 87, the team said. After the death of top scout Mike, there were many tributes and condolences on Twitter.

Fernando, who was in charge of the broadcasting team, said he was sad. Brito was a great person who helped him throughout his baseball career both on and off the field. Brito loved the Los Angeles Dodgers dearly and will be greatly missed.

Mike joined the Dodgers in 1978. He was born in Cuba. The true cause of the Cuban’s death has not yet been found, but it appears to be of natural origin. The news doesn’t mention him being killed, so it seems he died of natural causes.

People are saddened to hear of his death and pray that his soul can rest in peace.

Mike Brito Net Worth 2022: How Rich Was He?

Mike Brito’s net worth is estimated at more than $1 million but we don’t know the exact amount yet.

The Cuban worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers for almost 45 years. Fernando Valenzuela, a pitcher from Mexico, was one of the best players he signed.

Mike was named MLB’s 2014 International Scout of the Year. Last year, Baseball America presented Brito with the Tony Gwynn Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Baseball America said before the Dodgers’ top scout signed Valenzuela in 1979, fewer than 40 Mexican-born players had played in Major League Baseball. In 2005, Mike was also inducted into the Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame.