Who Is Bubblebratz2 Tiktok? Her Real Name Viral Twitter Video

A TikTok celebrity, Bubblebratz2 had a huge following around the world before she was permanently banned from the app. She was more active on TikTok where her videos went viral every day. She garnered a huge following on the same app, which supported her growth on other platforms. The influencer was removed from TikTok on June 6, 2021. She shared a screenshot of TikTok blocking her account and encouraged her fans to follow her alternate accounts. Netizens are curious to learn more about the celebrity. You can find out the details here in this article.

Who is Bubblebratz2 Tiktok

The well-known female TikTok user videos have received a lot of attention. However, she was banned from the video sharing platform. Bubblebratz2 is using her backup TikTok account @fakebubblebratz for now. Bubblebratz2 TikTok has been permanently banned due to its overly offensive content. She had around 40,100 followers and 174,200 likes on her videos before it was removed.

Bubblebratz2 snapped a photo of the TikTok notification informing her that she was banned and urging her admirers to support her new account. Her fans quickly followed her on her account and showed their support for her. Let’s add that the user’s new TikTok account gained even more followers and her videos are still trending on social media. It just so happens to be her third account as her first two were permanently banned.

She has 101.6k followers on Instagram and 623k likes for her 91 videos while she has 565,4k followers on Twitter where she is known by the name @bubblebratz. Bubblebratz also has an Instagram account. She also maintains a secondary account in case her primary account gets banned. Her Instagram name is @bubblebratz0 and she has 256,000 followers and 20 posts. On Instagram she goes by the name Maddie and her bio is Digital Creator.

Maddie’s family and personal life are unknown to us. The user keeps her followers happy with the latest updates on many social media platforms. Other than that, she has avoided speaking about herself or her life on any of the platforms. Maddie’s actual birthday is unknown, but her photos can help us find out. She was born in February. It is expected that she could be in her twenties. Other than that, not much information has been made available about them. However, we try to get all the details so that our readers can stay up to date. Follow us for more updates.