When will Boris Johnson leave office?

Boris Johnson has officially resigned as Tory Party leader and Prime Minister but has vowed to stay on as acting Prime Minister while the party searches for its new leader

Boris Johnson vows to stick around for a while longer after announcing he is stepping down as Tory Party leader.

The prime minister made the resignation announcement after a slew of MPs resigned en masse to force him to resign.

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While party members were happy he made the decision, many were frustrated after he said he plans to stay on as interim prime minister while the leadership contest takes place.

But when will he officially leave Number 10 – and when can we expect a new prime minister?

Here’s everything you need to know.

At that point, Boris Johnson will leave office after announcing his resignation as leader of the Tory party. (Image credit: Getty Images)

When will Boris Johnson leave Downing Street?

Mr Johnson made the resignation announcement on the afternoon of July 7th.

In his statement, he didn’t mention the timeline he is expected to follow for his resignation, instead telling the public he would stay until a new leader was confirmed.

While this has been the case in the past for other resigning prime ministers such as Theresa May and David Cameron, divisions within the party mean some MPs are keen for him to go as soon as possible.

Many have argued that current Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab should take over as interim prime minister, but there is no way Mr Johnson can be sidelined until a new leader is elected.

Therefore, Mr Johnson is unlikely to leave Number 10 until the leadership contest is over.

When will we know who the next prime minister is?

Although the process often takes months to choose a new leader, it can all depend on how keen MPs are to remove Johnson from office as soon as possible.

There is no set schedule for the leadership competition. First, candidates must come forward, and after a series of votes, two remaining leaders face off in a runoff, with the winner becoming the next leader of the Tory party.

The upcoming summer recess could delay that process, but MPs hope to have a new leader in office ahead of the Conservative Party convention in October.

In the past, David Cameron resigned in June 2016 and said in his speech that he expects to formally resign in October.

This should give time for the leadership vote in September.

However, that date was brought forward significantly after one of the two remaining candidates, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of the running, meaning Theresa May was confirmed as the new leader in July without the vote taking place.

While there is still no set date for the 2022 leadership contest, former Prime Minister Sir John Major has urged MPs to simplify the leadership process as much as possible to ensure Mr Johnson is not in power longer than necessary, adding that this would be the case was “unwise and possibly untenable”.

However, policy experts have said it may not be as easy as the 2016 contest as there is no clear front-runner to take over the party.

Ben Wallace, Grant Shapps and Suella Braverman are expected to make leadership bids along with former Health Secretary Sajid Javid.