Cameron Young, has informed LIV Golf that he will not be joining the Saudi-sponsored breakaway circuit and will instead remain on the PGA Tour.

Speaking after the Tour Championship's final round on Sunday, Young acknowledged he had been tempted by LIV but had decided to stay after Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. 

'It's a really difficult situation because it's not anything that anyone really wanted to happen,' Young said. 'I think it wasn't meant to be this kind of hostile between the two.

'We don't know who's going to go after this week or next year. 

'I think there's a really nice core group of guys that are just going to stay, and a lot of them are highly ranked players in the world. 

'I don't think the competition on the PGA Tour is going to go downhill significantly.'

On Tuesday of last week, McIlory and Woods announced the founding of TMRW Sports, a joint venture with the PGA Tour.

At a press conference on Wednesday, McIlroy and media executive Mike McCarley introduced the new league. 

They called it a "tech-infused league" that would take place in a newly constructed stadium.