Tesco Clubcard ‘double up’ offer slashed from today

Clubcard vouchers can no longer be ‘doubled’ to deduct money from your Tesco mobile phone bill

Tesco customers who use their Clubcard vouchers to take money off their phone bills will no longer be able to take advantage of a ‘double-up’ offer.

The value of exchanging Clubcard vouchers for Tesco Mobile vouchers has been reduced from today (June 15) at 8:59 am.

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The change means that from June 15 customers can exchange clubcard vouchers at face value only to spend at Tesco Mobile, meaning 50p vouchers are worth 50p on your bill.

Previously, Clubcard holders could exchange 50p vouchers for £1 off their Tesco Mobile bill.

Can I exchange my vouchers?

Tesco shoppers can log into their Clubcard account to redeem their vouchers, which remain valid for six months.

After logging in, simply select the number of vouchers you would like to exchange and the “Rewards Partner” you would like to redeem them with.

You should then receive an email with a code, or if the order is placed via the Tesco app the code will appear in the Rewards section.

When you use vouchers at Tesco Mobile you can either take money off your phone bill or towards the cost of a new handset.

You must enter your code either at checkout when purchasing a new phone or in the billing section of your Tesco Mobile account when reducing your bill.

How much does calling and texting outside of the package cost now?

Tesco increased its prices for out-of-package calls and texts from February 2022, with both monthly and PAYG customers seeing a rise in costs.

If you exceed your allowance, the price of a call has gone from 25p per minute (plus a 10p minimum charge) to 55p (27p minimum charge).

Sending an SMS outside of your monthly package has gone from 10p per message to 20p, and it now costs 55p a minute to check your voicemail instead of just 15p.

The cost of sending a picture message has risen from 25p per message to 55p and calling a non-standard number has risen from 20p per minute (plus a 10p minimum charge) to 55p (27p minimum charge).

Calling a 084/087/09/118 number has also risen from 25p per minute (plus a 25p minimum charge) to 55p (55p minimum charge), along with a service charge.

However, using your mobile data after exceeding your allowance remains the same at 10p per megabyte.