Taskmaster season 13 finale air date and is there another series?


In the Taskmaster Season 13 finale, Ardal O’Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker will compete for a papier-mâché bust of Greg Davies’ head

Season 13 of Taskmaster has introduced us to five new intrepid contenders who have taken on a series of unusual challenges over the past ten weeks.


They had to find Alex Horne’s shoe, give him a 60-second bachelorette party, and recreate a great moment in history with two traffic cones, among many, many other bizarre tasks.

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Taskmaster Season 13 is coming to an end

And now it’s the final episode and of course Chris Ramsey will be rapping about eggplant and Bridget Christie will be trying to whistle.


But the big question to be answered in the finale is whether Judi Love will win an episode.

When is the Taskmaster season 13 finale?


Episode ten of Taskmaster Season 13 airs Thursday 16 June at 9pm on Channel 4.

Previous episodes of Season 13 and all episodes from Seasons 1 to 12 are now available to watch on All 4.


The finale will also be shown on All 4 shortly after the first broadcast.

Who wins season 13 so far?


This is the current ranking from episode nine:

  • Sophie Duker – 151
  • Chris Ramsey-149
  • Bridget Christie – 139
  • Ardal O’Hanlon – 138
  • Judi Liebe – 129
Sophie Duker is currently at the top of the rankings

So everything is really up for grabs, except for Judi, Ardal and Bridget, who don’t really stand a chance of winning the show.


But the battle between Sophie and Chris is close and there are still many points to be won.

What is the price of winning Taskmaster?


The Taskmaster winner was awarded a gold papier-mâché bust of Taskmaster himself, the head of Greg Davies.

The season winner will also take home the five items that contestants brought back this week for the first challenge of the episode.

The winner of Taskmaster season 13 will take home a bust of Greg’s head

Each week, contestants must bring in an item that meets a specific requirement, be it the item they would most like to show an alien or the item with the best handle.

The winner of each episode takes home the five items they brought home that week, which is often more of a curse than a blessing.


Will there be another season of Taskmaster?

Of course there is! Taskmaster is now one of Channel 4’s flagship shows and as such the decision to greenlight another season must have been easy.


The next full series of Taskmaster is expected to air later this year, although none of the contestants have been confirmed yet.

But the really good news for Taskmaster fans is that it won’t be long before Alex and Greg return to our screens and their golden thrones.


Will there be a second season of Champion of Champions?

Yes, a second series of the “Elite” Taskmaster Show is coming very soon.


Champion of Champions pits previous Taskmaster winners against each other to find the ultimate Taskmaster champion.

The next Champion of Champions will be a one-episode special featuring the winners of seasons 6-10.

  • Liza Tarbuck
  • Kerry Godliman
  • Lou Sanders
  • Ed Gamble
  • Richard Herring

Champion of Champions 2 will air on June 23 at 9pm on Channel 4, just a week after the season 13 finale.