Selling Emma Hernan from Sunset with Micah for listing

“And then there’s the grassy area at the bottom — there aren’t many lots in LA that have that much extra land, so I think that’s really cool,” she said. “And of course the view I mean, let’s face it, the view is insane.”

Fans learned during season five that Micah bought the property in 2016 as a project to start over. And now that it’s finally complete, the finished piece of jewelry is in Emma’s trusting hands to find a buyer. When asked why she thinks Micah chose her as his agent, she commented that Micah “saw my business instincts.”

“He has told me before how impressed he is with my knowledge of not just real estate but investing in general,” she said. “When you’re in real estate, it’s really important to look not just at the property, but also at the investment aspect and future benefits.”

Micah agreed, telling E! News: “I really enjoy working with Emma and I am delighted that we have found the right buyer for this luxury property.”