See who the Stranger Things creators regret killing

The makers of stranger things Creators can admit when they’re wrong.

Horse and Matt Dufferthe creators of the Netflix smash hit, acknowledge that certain death may have been a little premature in season four.

In season four, viewers were immediately drawn to the chemistry between Chrissy Cunningham (Grace Van Dien) and Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), especially after Eddie called her “the queen of Hawkins High” shortly after he sold her drugs in the woods.

So – beware of spoilers! – was very, very sad when she was brutally killed by Vecna ​​at the end of the first episode.

Now the Duffers are wondering, “What have we done?!”

“We always have those moments,” Matt said TVLine. “We shot the drug deal scene in the woods pretty late.”

So Chrissy’s fate was already sealed when the big scene in the forest was shot. Ross confirmed that they “already killed Chrissy when we were filming this.”