Ranking Premier League away kits for the 2022/23 campaign

Here is our ranking of this season’s Premier League away kits.

Players like Aston Villa and Chelsea got the chance to show off their brand new away kits on the opening day of the season, while others will have to wait until next weekend.

The release of the away kit is always very exciting for the fans as it can have different colours, patterns and styles each season – meaning some fans end up running straight to the club shop while others are massively disappointed.

This year’s kit set certainly didn’t disappoint, with a mix of absolute beauties and very questionable performances.

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With the season already in full swing, we’ve ranked all 20 kits…

20. Leicester

Leicester’s away kit could be fantastic and terrible – we don’t know.

Despite the season starting last weekend, the Foxes have been delayed with the release of their away kit and need to hit rock bottom for that reason.

19. Tottenham

Tottenham’s away kit has to be bottom only because it can’t look like a training shirt anymore.

The shirt is black, bright green/yellow and black – three colors that just look weird and totally out of place next to each other.

Now the badge is in the middle of the shirt – it’s almost like they don’t want us to believe that’s what they’re selling us.

18. Nottingham Forest

Nottingham Forest have done everything they can for their first away kit since returning to the Premier League and it hasn’t paid off.

While the home kit is very basic, the away kit is very bright with a mix of yellow and blue and again features the same Trent Bridge pattern seen on the home kit.

It’s just a major color conflict and a massive eye sore.

17. Everton

The light pink color Everton have opted for certainly doesn’t mean it has to be a bad kit – Arsenal’s third kit, for example, is a slightly paler pink but still very classy.

The blue geometric pattern on the front just looks weird and the two colors don’t complement each other in this case.

Meanwhile, the Stake logo makes it ten times worse.

16. Bournemouth

I don’t understand this kit at all.

I love it when a team goes all out with their away kit, but this shirt looks more like something your dad would wear to the beach.

The kit features a purple and blue palm tree design said to be inspired by their location on the coast – although it seems a lot closer to Hawaii to me.

15. Leeds United

Leeds United have had some really nice away kits over the past few years, but this one is definitely one to forget.

The club’s signature yellow and blue has been used in a tie-dye pattern, but it all looks a bit too bright and childish to me.

14. Wolves

The Wolves away kit is a bit more exciting than their home kit, although that doesn’t say much.

I don’t mind the colors, although the gold pattern on the front – inspired by a 90’s away kit – just seems a bit random and I don’t think they managed to do it justice.


Brighton’s away kit is probably as beautiful as an orange football shirt can get – if that means anything.

While I’m not too keen on the different shades on the sleeves, the main body is a slippery, bearable shade and I like the black crest.

12. Fulham

Another club that opts for a flashy away kit is Fulham and while I think many fans will hate that, I’ve seen far worse.

I actually don’t think the masonry-inspired pattern is that bad, although I don’t really like the mint-colored sleeves. I would have preferred this in a darker shade.


Liverpool’s kit is another one that many have criticized but I don’t think it’s as hard on the eyes in the flesh as it is on the website.

It gets points for being brave and (almost) managing to pull it off, although it definitely bears no relation to some of the Reds’ past stunners.

10. Brentford

Brentford’s new away kit is another one set to last two seasons.

I like the contrasting shades of blue, but it’s nothing special – although the return of the castle crest is a definite revival after 30 years.

9. Aston Villa

Aston Villa’s away kit is a very classy sky blue with tonal stripes on the front – it looks very simple and somewhat retro.

It’s a huge upgrade for the home kit, but still nothing special.

8. Newcastle United

There has been a lot of criticism of this jersey but I think the only real issue is the sleeves which feature a linear pattern depicting the Leazes stand at St James’ Park.

However, I think the gold looks smart against the navy and there are much worse kits this season,

7. Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace has opted for the same graffiti-inspired kit throughout, although this one only has a stripe down the middle.

I think this is another very classy jersey and Eagles fans will no doubt be happy with it, although we’ll see a lot better in the top half.

6. West Ham

West Ham’s away shirt has a similar format to their home shirt, with the geometric pattern on the sleeves instead.

Black shirts are always a very elegant look and pink, white and sky blue are the perfect touch.

Hammers fans have two gorgeous kits to choose from.


Chelsea’s away kit is very unique, taking the same lion graphic from the home kit color and using it in very thin horizontal stripes.

I wasn’t sure at first, but I’ve really grown fond of this shirt and I’m actually quite impressed with it.

4. Southampton

Southampton’s away kit is a head turner and one of my favorite kits this season.

The shirt incorporates waves in a nod to the coast – much better and more understandable than the palm trees that Bournemouth spawned.

I can see that a lot of people don’t like this kit but if I were a Saints fan I would buy it in a heartbeat.

3.Manchester United

The Manchester United away shirt has a similar aesthetic to the home shirt but does not include a collar.

The patterns on the collar and sleeves are a great touch and just like the home, the vintage crest is another eye-catcher.

2.Manchester City

The Manchester City away kit takes you back to their red and black striped kit they wore in 2011-12 when they won their first Premier League title – however this kit has adopted diagonal stripes instead.

It’s no improvement over the previous kit, but it’s still very nice to look at and one of the best in the league.

1. Armory

Arsenal’s away shirts are always a beauty and they absolutely smashed it once again.

Very modern, this shirt is mostly black with a pattern inspired by ARSENAL lettering outside the Emirates – accompanied by a sleek bronze gun badge.

Adidas must be full of Arsenal fans because they never miss out.