Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin: UK release date and cast


The Pretty Little Liars spin-off series Original Sin opens a new chapter in the drama-mystery franchise

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is an HBO Max sequel to Pretty Little Liars (PLL) that ran for seven seasons from 2010 to 2017.


PLL was a teenage drama series that followed four friends who were targeted by an anonymous enemy known only as “A” and threatened to reveal their darkest secrets.

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The show was adapted from a novel series of the same name by Sara Shepard.

The cast of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

The sequel, Original Sin, follows the spin-off series Ravenswood and Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and the web series Pretty Dirty Secrets.

Original Sin follows a new cast of characters in a different setting than the previous shows as they face a new threat.


What is Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin about?

Original Sin is set in the fictional town of Millwood, Pennsylvania, which borders the town of Rosewood where the original series is set.


Set 20 years after a series of tragic events rocked Millwood, the show follows five teenage girls who are attacked by a mysterious assailant known as “A”.

A believes that the girls are to blame for the sins of their mothers who were in some way implicated in the town’s past tragedy.


This new group of liars will be forced to pay for their mothers’ sins as well as their own.

The series will lean more towards the slasher horror genre than previous series, creating a new tone for the latest iteration.

The show will lean towards the slasher genre

Who is in the cast of Original Sin?

  • Malia Pyles as Minnie “Mouse” Honrada
  • Maia Reficco as Noa Olivar
  • Zaria as Faran Bryant
  • Mallory Bechtel as Karen and Kelly Beasley
  • Bailee Madison as Imogen Adams
  • Carson Rowland as Chip
  • Chandler Kinney as Tabby Haworthe
  • Elena Goode as Marjorie
  • Sarah-Anne Martinez as teenage Marjorie
  • Eric Johnson as Sheriff Beasley
  • Sharon Leal as Sidney
  • Kristen Maxwell as teenage Sydney
  • Lea Salonga as Elodie
  • Emily Bautista as a teenage Elodie
  • Carly Pope as Davie
  • Ava DeMary as teenage Davie
  • Zakiya Young as Corey
  • Kristian Mosley as a teenage Corey

When is the release date of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin?


The series launches July 28 on HBO Max with three episodes landing on the platform.

There are 10 episodes in the season – two more will be released on August 4th, two more on August 11th and the last three will be released on August 18th.


Unfortunately, there’s still no confirmed UK release date or channel for the show. Sky and NOW often host HBO projects and it’s possible Original Sin will do the same.

Many HBO shows aren’t coming to the UK for several months after their initial release – so a late 2022 release date could be on the cards.


Watch this space for updates on the UK release date of Original Sin.

Is there a trailer


Yes, there is, and you can watch it right here:

Will there be a season 2?


HBO has not yet confirmed if Original Sin will have a second season.

The first Pretty Little Liars show ran for a whopping seven seasons, but the following two spin-offs were canceled after just one.


If a second season is greenlit, it will likely be released on HBO sometime in 2023 or 2024.