Post Malone praises fiancee for helping him through ‘tough patch’ with alcohol

Post Malone won’t let his struggles get you down!

The 26-year-old has opened up about his struggles with alcohol while promoting his new album Twelve carat toothache. He debuted a song on last month SNL titled Love/Hate Letter to Alcohol. In the song, he shared the story of his complicated relationship with the substance – even a case where he lost a few teeth as a result! Ouch!

Posty didn’t stop there, however. In the Monday episode of The Howard Stern Show, he opened up further about his struggles — which inspired his new album. Despite the seriousness of the issue, he repeated:

“I never want to put people down. I just want to express how I feel.”

He went on to admit that he wasn’t being sober, but was “more responsible.” That sunflower The singer told Stern in chilling detail how bad things really got when he hit rock bottom:

“It was at a really difficult point and I couldn’t get off the floor for weeks. It was screwdrivers, it was vodka and it was bottom line and trying to hang in there and talk to people who weren’t in there.”

Such a scary situation…

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He also told Howard that despite guidance from friends and family, he has a “destructive” attitude and feels “trapped” in a world of “I have to do what I want to do and I will do it.”

When asked if he ever got professional help for the alcohol struggles, the said Beer Bongs & Bentleys Musician surprisingly said he didn’t! He said his girlfriend – whom he casually revealed as his fiancée in another interview with Stern – was the one who got him through the crisis:

“I never got any help with it. I just have super beautiful people around me. I met a really beautiful person who made me feel like a human being.”

Oh! How cute! Post then gushed about how his unnamed fiancee handled the situation:

“An ultimatum is always heartbreaking. It’s always like ‘oh f**k, what should I do?’ It’s the guide. It’s the guidance out of the darkness and into the light… It’s “You are you and I love you so much. And I see what you can be And I know who you can be, and you’re not like that.’”

Does anyone need tissues after this heartfelt confession? That I’m falling apart The singer credits his success to the mother of his newborn baby girl, whom he is expecting last month:

“She saved my damn life.”

So touching! We are very happy that Post is doing better! It really seems like he has found true love!

Watch the clip (below):

[Image via Instagram/Post Malone/YouTube/The Howard Stern Show]