Popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill reveals her “Humiliating” meeting with Amber Heard on Tiktok

Popular YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is back in the headlines, making waves on social media and the web. This time she’s in the news for Kate’s video she uploaded to Tiktok. In one of her latest TikTok videos, Jaclyn Hill revealed her “degrading” experience with popular Hollywood actress Amber. Hill didn’t stop there and went on to explain that meeting Hollywood star Amber Heard was one of the worst days of her life. As soon as this video was uploaded to Tiktok, it went massively viral on every social media platform.

YouTuber Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn Hill’s viral video broke just as actress Amber Heard made headlines about her ongoing court case with her ex-husband, Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp.

Jaclyn Hill is no less than a celebrity, she has more than 15 million followers on her social media platforms. So when a harsh and controversial statement like this comes from the side of a celebrity, it creates massive controversy.

Jaclyn Hill revealed the whole incident, she said that when she encountered Amber at the famous Nobu restaurant, she said that Amber’s security guard physically held her and pulled her to the side and almost left her in front of the restaurant after that, which was massively packed The crowd and the Guard said you couldn’t meet them. And while this was happening, Amber was making funny faces at her. Hill said she felt so humbled at that moment and couldn’t even say anything.

Hill went on to explain that Amber didn’t do that, but she could have stopped her guard from physically dragging and humiliating her, but she chose to remain calm and make strange faces at her.

Amber is already going through a lot of image damage due to her ongoing court case with her ex-husband Johnny Depp and now videos like this and that from well known celebrities and social media stars are like icing on the cake for all these negative stories about her who already floating all over social media and the internet. She is already the main target of internet users for all the criticism.

Netizens heavily criticized Amber for the actions she took with Jaclyn Hill. As you all know, Hill also has a huge following on social media, which is why her fans are constantly criticizing Amber for her actions.