Police Investigation Reveals The Reality

An Airbnb customer finds hidden cameras in the hotel and alerts the police so they can take a look. Airbnb has become a great way for visitors to find accommodation. Recently, a visitor made a shocking discovery that made everyone stop and reflect on the situation. While the police knew about it and cared about it too. But what does all this have to do with Airbnb guests?

Read on to learn more about how Airbnb guests report shocking news.



Visitors spot hidden cameras in a Philadelphia home?

Everyone seems to know the business of the American company Airbnb. This company has rooms for people to stay. It is a good alternative to the hotel booking services that could be offered to customers. Below is a list of different owners.

But an Airbnb guest staying in a Philadelphia home appears to have caused trouble. While the woman who lived in the home dated other women. She found hidden cameras in the house where she lived in Philadelphia. Everyone is shocked.

Airbnb visitor finds about 10 cameras in Philadelphia home?

On June 12, an Airbnb guest who went by the name “foxytaughtyou” told her everything she needed to know about the Philadelphia home she rented on Twitter. While speaking about what she knew, she said she lived in a house that had about 10 hidden cameras everywhere.

In fact, the cameras were also in the bedroom and bathroom. Not only did she say that, but she also said that some of the cameras were hidden in the home’s sprinkler system. Then she told everyone not to use Airbnb check-ins. Everyone should know that this is a shock.

Police investigating hidden cameras at Philadelphia home?

As the Airbnb guest said, she didn’t think there would be intimate moments because it was a women’s trip. However, she changed in the room where the hidden cameras were located. This has made people wonder about Airbnb’s business. Even if the police are investigating because they know about it.

Airbnb has decided to issue a refund to the guest who had issues with the Philadelphia home. The name of the property owner was also removed from the list. Also, they said that under no circumstances will they accept what happened to their visitor. For this reason, they could take action against the owner of the house.