Paul Chuckle says Barry would ‘never have done Celebrity MasterChef’


While reflecting on his late brother Barry, comedian Paul Chuckle revealed he’s fulfilling a lifelong dream by starring in Celebrity MasterChef

Paul Chuckle claims he has a lifelong ambition as he’s been a fan of Celebrity MasterChef “from the beginning”.


The 74-year-old comedian from Rotherham stars in the latest series of BBC One cooking show alongside the likes of Faye Winter, Richard Blackwood and Katya Jones.

“My brother would never have done Celebrity MasterChef,” Paul said while reflecting on his brother Barry, who sadly passed away in 2018 after a two-year battle with bone cancer.


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During the episode, which aired on Wednesday, August 10, viewers were treated to classic catchphrases from Paul and Barry’s famous The Chuckle Brothers.

Paul Chuckle was seen saying “To me, to you” with Celebrity MasterChef host Gregg Wallace.


Paul Chucker

Paul Chuckle reflected on his life purpose ahead of his appearance on Celebrity MasterChef

Paul Elliot, known as Paul Chuckle, is one half of the comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers.


Paul and Barry Chuckle were the stars of ChuckleVision between 1987 and 2009.

The duo had a stellar television career, working on stage performances across the country.

  • Age: 74
  • Born: October 18, 1947
  • Partner: Sue Elliott
  • Children: Paul Jr and Jack
  • Location: Serlby, Doncaster
  • Assets: £20 million estimated net worth

Though Paul Chuckle is a long way from his comedy acting days on ChuckleVision, he knows his late brother would be delighted to see him back on television.

Paul said: “He would have said, ‘Good boy. Get on there’.


“He wanted me to stay in business – which I did.

“I’ve done pantomimes every year since his death, except of course when there were no pantomimes because of Covid.”


Paul raved about MasterChef, saying, “I’ve been a fan since it started.

Paul Chuckle shared his thoughts on joining Celebrity MasterCheft

“I’ve always loved cooking, it’s a very relaxing thing, and ever since I started Celebrity MasterChef I’ve always said to my manager, ‘Can’t you explain that to me? I would like to do that.


“The first day is a bit like an exam at school. They aren’t allowed to lift the paper to see what your questions are until they say, “Go!” and time begins.

“You lift the bell jar and I have mushrooms underneath, just a lot of mushrooms.


“I was like, what do I do with this – mushrooms on toast?”

Opening up about Wednesday’s program’s first challenge, the comedian explained that even after he got his other ingredients, things didn’t add up.


“I still didn’t know what to do with the mushrooms,” he says, describing the whole procedure as “a bit nerve-wracking”.

Paul Chuckle spoke about cooking in the Celebrity MasterChef kitchen. Photo Credit: PA/BBC/SHINE TV

“When you cook at home, you have the whole afternoon to cook, you are not pressed for time, whereas there you have an hour to prepare a dish, cook it and serve it.


“Then the pressure comes in – they’ll say, ‘You’ve had 15 minutes’ – eh? I just peeled my potatoes!”

Ultimately, despite his struggles, Chuckle called judges Gregg Wallace and John Torode “really nice guys.”