This page contains spoilers for P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2 and may contain spoilers from previous episodes.

The pynk has returned and the pandemic hasn’t treated it well. Covid-19 has taken a toll on the venue and its staff after the season one finale lived up to its ‘Murda Night’ name and resulted in the club being rescued under new ownership by Hailey and Uncle Clifford. Everyone in Chucalissa struggles in different ways in the season 2 finale, “Pussyland,” so here’s how things stand for now:

The Pynk has continued to operate outside as an X-rated car wash, but it’s losing money and its employees are overworked. Mercedes, who is still the headliner despite an apparent physical injury, doesn’t like the idea of ​​auditioning new talent as she needs as much money as possible to keep up with the mortgages on her home and gym.

Mayor Tydell Ruffin died of Covid and interim mayor Wayne Kyle has taken office. Andre also visits P-Valley to pay his respects to his godfather.

Keyshawn is trying to make a name for herself as a video vixen, and she’s garnered some attention with the recent release of Lil Murda. However, since their professions are not inextricably intertwined, the two want to go on tour.

Diamond works as a mask guard at a dollar store.

Release Date for P-Valley Season 2 Episode 2

The second episode of this season will premiere Friday, June 10 exclusively on Starz. It will be the second of ten episodes that will air through August 5, 2022.

Where can I see P-Valley on the internet?

As mentioned, P-Valley is only available on Starz, which is available in different ways on different devices. Cable customers can find Starz in their channel guide, and the channel’s programming is also available live or on-demand via Starz.com. Starz is also available on streaming platforms like Sling TV, Direct TV Stream, and Philo for $2.99 ​​per month for three months. P Valley episodes can also be found on Amazon Video, Roku, Vudu, YouTube, YouTube TV, Apple TV, and Google Play.

The following are my predictions for the next episode:

  • Hailey plans to audition for new talent, which could jeopardize her friendship with Mercedes.
  • Is Mercedes’ shoulder problem the result of overhaul or is it the result of something more sinister?
  • Wayne will most certainly have a proposal for Andre, and the mayoral campaign will begin in earnest.
  • Keyshawn will be touring with Lil Murda which would no doubt cause problems with Derrick.
  • Diamond will likely return to the pynk sooner rather than later.