McDonald’s UK cheeseburger price increase: when prices go up


The fast-food chain’s burger prices have risen for the first time in over a decade

For the past 14 years, hungry people in the UK have been able to buy one of these classic snacks for less than £1 – but that’s about to change.


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MC Donalds has announced they will increase the price of some of their menu items by 10p to 20p and has blamed this inflationand says they’re also facing increased costs.

It’s just the latest in a series of price hikes people are grappling with on a daily basis Cost of Living Crisis.


So what will be the price for a McDonald’s cheeseburger what’s next, when will the price increase take place, what other menu items are affected and what has McDonald’s said?

Here’s what you need to know.

McDonald’s is raising the price of its cheeseburger in the UK for the first time in over a decade.

How much is a McDonad’s cheeseburger now and what will it cost if prices go up?

A McDonald’s cheeseburger is currently 99p but will soon set you back £1.19.


What other McDonald’s menu items will increase in price?

The classic cheeseburger isn’t the only menu item people will soon have to pay more for.


The following items will also be increased in price:

  • breakfast meal
  • main meal
  • McNugget stock box
  • McFlurry
  • Big coffee

When will the price increase come into effect?


McDonald’s hasn’t confirmed exactly when the price hike will go into effect, but foodies can expect to see the inflated prices on menus later in summer 2022.

Any McDonald’s items remain the same price?


People will be pleased to know that not every McDonald’s menu is subject to a price increase.

The following items remain the same price:

  • salads
  • wraps
  • Mayo Chicken Burger

What did McDonald’s say about the price increases?

Each McDonald’s location can set its own prices — except for the saver menu, where different franchises tend to charge the same amount.


McDonald’s can recommend how its franchises set their prices, but cannot mandate them.

Alistair Macrow, CEO of McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said the price increases were due to inflation.


He said: “We are going through incredibly challenging times and we are all seeing the cost of everyday items like food and energy increasing in ways many of us have never experienced.

“Like you, our company, our franchisees who own and operate our restaurants, and our suppliers are all feeling the effects of rising inflation.


“Since opening in the UK in 1974 we have been committed to providing great tasting food at affordable prices and that commitment will not change.

“But today’s pressures mean we, like many others, have to make some tough decisions about our pricing.”


How do I get a discount at McDonald’s?

If you visit McDonald’s regularly, there is an opportunity to save some money.


In July, McDonald’s announced the launch of its first-ever loyalty card.

McDonald’s customers earn one point for every penny they spend.


When they achieve certain goals, they can exchange them for food or donate them to charity.