Maisie Smith shows off ‘thunder thighs’ in empowering TikTok post

EastEnders star Maisie Smith took to TikTok to share a post about her thighs to spread body positivity

Maisie Smith was praised for showing off her “thunder thighs” in an empowering bikini post shared on her TikTok.

The BBC Strictly star lip-synced to Jax’s ‘Victoria’s Secret’ as she flaunted her impressive figure in a gleaming silver bikini.

The 21-year-old actress from Westcliff-on-Sea confidently danced to the lyrics “I wish someone had told me thunder thighs mean normal human thighs”.

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Maisie Smith shared her Body Postivity video on Tik Tok (Credit: @maisielousmith – TikTok)

The TikTok post continued as Maise shared multiple paparazzi shots of her in shorts and short skirts.

Praise poured in from her social media followers, as many shared their own experiences of body positivity and embracing their thighs.

One person wrote: “You literally made me look at my legs in a completely different way because you are SO GOOD looking, love you for it.”

Another said: “My legs are exactly the same, it took me a long time to accept them but I love my thunder thigh life in shorts now which I never would have done before.”

A third added: “Stunning in every pic my teenage girls love you and you are such a great role model 🥰”

Maisie Smith

Maisie Smith will be on the tour.

Maisie Smith is an English actress and singer, best known for playing Tiffany Butcher in the BBC’s Eastenders.

In 2020, Smith appeared on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing with partner Gorka Marquez.

The pair reached the finals of the program but ultimately lost to comedian Bill Bailey.

  • Age: 21
  • Born: July 9, 2001
  • Partner: Max George (rumored)
  • Location: Westcliff on Sea
  • net worth: £3 million

Maisie Smith recently appeared on Permissive women alongside Strictly celebrity Max George.

The couple appeared on the daytime talk show to talk about the new Strictly Come Dancing tour they’ve both performed on.

Maisie revealed how life-changing the program has been for her career: “I think since I could literally walk and talk I always wanted to perform and didn’t even know I could do it.

“It was such an experience for me, learning all these amazing dance styles and gaining confidence every week, it felt amazing.

“I just never want to stop and I don’t seem to stop, two years later I’m doing a Strictly tour.”


Patsy Palmer

Patsy Palmer is an English actress and DJ.

She is best known for her role as Bianca Jackson on the BBC soap opera Eastenders.

During her career, she won Best Actress at the British Soap Awards.

Gorka Marquez

Gorka Márquez is a Spanish professional dancer.

Márquez has been dancing on Strictly Come Dancing since 2016 and has made the top two twice since joining the show.

The dancer was partnered with Maisie Smith for series 18 of the show, with the pair coming in second.

Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey is an English comedian, actor, musician and singer.

Bailey appeared in series 18 of Strictly Come Dancing where he was crowned the winner.

The Observer named Bill Bailey one of the 50 funniest acts in British comedy in 2003, 2007 and 2010.


Max George

Maisie Smith has been rumored to be dating English singer Max George after the pair were spotted kissing on a plane.

George is a member of the British group The Wanted, known for their songs “Glad You Came” and “Gold Forever”.

Max George has just wrapped up the Strictly Come Dancing tour where he danced alongside other Strictly celebrities including Maisie Smith.

Zack Morris

Maisie Smith and Zack Morris were rumored to be dating after the pair played an on-screen couple in Eastenders.

Smith denied those rumors in November 2021, saying that the pair are just good friends.

Zack Morris left Eastenders in March 2022 after five years on the show.