Love, Victor’s cast reveals why the final season is so important

Love, Victor says goodbye with a very important message.

The final season of the groundbreaking series, which aired all eight episodes simultaneously on Hulu and Disney+ on June 15, comes at a time of heightened attacks on the young queer community that celebrates and supports it.

“While we are witnessing this resurgence of these draconian laws that are truly horrific for LGBT youth — especially transgender youth — the Don’t Say Gay law in Florida is repugnant and outrageous.” Love, Victor executive producer Brian Tanen said E! News, “I think it speaks to the fact that there are still people who want to process queer people out of existence.”

That’s why the third and final season, which showcases the struggle, the awkwardness, and ultimately the reward of young queer love, comes at such a pivotal time. It’s a moment that wasn’t lost on the cast either.

“We need as much support as possible now” Michael Chimin, who plays Victor said. “There’s so much going on in the world and it’s so frustrating. It literally has nothing to do with it [the politicians], but they make decisions for people. It’s terrible.”

Cimino sees firsthand the impact the show can have, especially when he gets messages from fans.

“The people who mean the most to me are the ones who say, ‘This show changed my life because it inspired me to come out,'” he said, “or ‘I saw the show with my family and she changed my mother’s perspective on things.’ That’s my whole goal.”