LIV Golf 2023: will 14 event league schedule clash with PGA majors

The controversial Saudi Arabia-backed organization has announced plans for a new league to be held next year.

LIV Golf has confirmed plans to run a 14-event schedule in 2023 that will feature 48 players and 12 established franchise teams.

The organization, which is backed by the PIF of Saudi Arabia, has been surrounded by controversy since its inception in 2021 due to its ties to the Gulf state and allegations of sports laundering.

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In 2023, the LIV Series has decided to create a league that will not clash with the PGA’s majors or the Ryder Cup, which is scheduled to take place in Rome in September and October.

Here’s everything we know about the series so far:

When does the LIV Golf League 2023 start?

The organization has not confirmed the dates for any of the 14 events that will make up the new league.

A statement said: “The full schedule of events will be announced at a later date and is intended to expand LIV Golf’s global footprint in North and Latin America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.”

“As the first-ever global golf league dedicated to growing the sport around the world, LIV Golf will also continue to improve player paths through the International Series, a groundbreaking series of events augmented this year by a $300 million commitment from LIV Golf for Asia tour was started.

“LIV Golf League players are expected to compete in numerous International Series tournaments and take the world’s best players to locations such as Thailand, England, Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and new locations across America will bring and Europe.

“Tournaments are broadcast around the world, showcasing an international field of headlines and next-generation talent for a global audience.”

Crucially, Greg Norman, CEO and Commissioner of LIV Golf added: “The 2023 league plan will not compete with the majors, international team events or heritage events, allowing the best players in the game to always make their own decisions about where they play ”

What will the new format of the LIV Golf Liga look like?

Organizers have described the new league format as “innovative”, with the “LIV Golf League” geared towards simultaneous team and individual game events.

Explaining the format, Mr Norman said: “Players will consistently compete against their rivals throughout the year, providing fans with a unique experience.

“Each season will culminate in a grand finale in matchplay at the World Team Championship.

“Team Golf has proven its ability to create many of the game’s most exciting moments and is at the heart of the new structure.

“Each team is led by an established team captain and follows a franchise model similar to other sports.

“Team captains will compete and have the opportunity to build their franchises at their discretion to attract the largest fan base and sponsorship interest.”

LIV Golf League Prize Fund

According to LIV Golf’s statement, athletes will compete for an “unprecedented” $405 million (USD) in prize money.