Kathy Hilton sparks outrage after mistaking Lizzo for ‘Precious’


Kathy was appearing on Andy Cohen’s talk show on Wednesday when the comment was made

Kathy Hilton has been accused of being fatphobic and racist after misidentifying singer Lizzo on a TV show.


The pair were tasked with guessing the celebrity from images in a section titled “Will Kathy Know Them?”

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Kathy Hilton faces backlash online after appearing on Andy Cohen’s talk show (Image: Getty)

She has incorrectly guessed a number of celebrities, including Dwayne Johnson and Justin Timberlake, but when a picture of Lizzo appeared, she replied, “I feel like me… Precious?”


Kathy’s guess at Precious could be a connection to the title character in the Oscar-winning 2009 drama, played by Gabourey Sidibe or 32-year-old model Precious Lee.

In light of this, Lizzo fans were quick to react on social media, criticizing Kathy Hilton for comparing Lizzo to another plus-size black female character.

Lizzo received flowers from Harry Styles after knocking him off the top of the charts

Among the critics were E! Host Nina Parker, who said, “Black women are not here to be the butt of your jokes.”

Kalen Allen added, “When ‘Precious’ came out, a lot of people used the character’s name as a derogatory label to fuel their fat phobia and bully. So no, I don’t find it funny that Lizzo, who minds her own business at home, had to watch her being called Precious in front of millions on live TV.


Although most of the tweets criticized Kathy for her suspicion, some jumped to her aid, with one person writing, “Everybody need to calm down because Kathy called Lizzo Precious. The woman didn’t recognize anyone.”

Kathy Hilton


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Kathy is the matriarch of the Hilton hotel family (Picture: Getty)

Kathy Hilton was born in New York and although she may be known as the mother of American socialite Paris Hilton, she has made a name for herself.


Kathy was a child actress and has appeared on shows such as Bewitched, Family Affair and Happy Days and has some notable film credits to her name.

The 63-year-old has two half-siblings, actresses Kim and Kyle Richards, who appeared on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before Kathy appeared on the show as a girlfriend in 2020. As the latest addition to the cast, Kathy has become a fan favorite with media outlets who wonder why they didn’t hire her sooner.

  • Age: 63
  • Born: new York
  • Lives: Bel Air, Los Angeles
  • Partner: Richard Hilton, married since 1979
  • Children: Paris, Nicky, Barron Nicholas, Conrad Hughes Hilton
  • Assets: $350 million

The matriarch of the business tycoon family spoke to the New York Times about her re-emergence at the top and how she felt about being included in the RHOBH line-up.

She said: “Fear is the worst feeling for me. I’ve lived in fear before. But when you get a little older, guess what? I do not care. I just enjoy life. Have fun… and if it gets too dramatic I’ll make myself a sandwich or go upstairs and play on my iPad.”



The King of Pop was best friends with Kathy Hilton (Picture: Getty)

Before Michael died, Kathy Hilton was the King of Pop’s best friend, having met at Montclair College Preparatory School.


The Thriller singer was present at Paris Hilton’s birth and visited Kathy frequently even after marrying the Hilton hotel’s heir.

Kathy told Piers Morgan in 2011: “We met when I was 13 and he was 14 and over the years we’ve developed a friendship and a bond. And we always stayed in touch.”

Kris Jenner at the Los Angeles premiere of Hulu’s new show The Kardashians at Goya Studios on April 7, 2022 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for ABA)

From one matriarch to the next, Kris Jenner and Kathy Hilton have been close friends since before the 1980s, when the famous moms were growing up in Los Angeles.

Their daughters Paris and Kim also became close friends and first appeared on the Paris TV show A Simple Life.


Most recently, Kathy hoped to encourage Kris to appear alongside her on Real Housewives.


Paris Hilton.

Kathy and Richard’s eldest daughter is businesswoman and entrepreneur Paris Whitney Hilton.

Paris released a film in 2020 titled This is Paris, which documented her abuse she suffered at a Utah boarding school she was sent to after her parents became concerned about her partying habits.


Kathy was worried about seeing it after seeing the promotional videos but watched it with her daughter as it was “really important” to her.

Richard and Kathy met when they were teenagers (Picture: Getty)

Kathy first met Hilton hotel heir Richard Hilton when she was 15 and he was 18 at a party while they were both attending Montclair College Prep School.


Richard proposed to his high school girlfriend while they were watching cartoons in bed in Tahoe, California.

The two business moguls were married when Kathy was 20 and have enjoyed marital bliss for over four decades.


Kathy grew up with half-sisters Kim and Kyle Richards, both of whom are Real Housewives graduate students.

The show has revealed some of its ups and downs over the years, but Kim spoke to Us Weekly about their true relationship:


“I know the show can make things happen… and we say things when we’re upset and when we’re angry or sad. I reminded my sisters [via text]”Remember how Mama raised us and what she wanted and what she built into us – our goals and our life as a family.”