Kate McCann: who is TalkTV journalist?

The presenter joined TalkTV in April 2022 after four years as a political editor at Sky News

TalkTV’s Tory leadership debate last night ended dramatically after presenter Kate McCann passed out during the live broadcast.

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TalkTV confirmed that a medical incident involving McCann had forced the show off the air.

The presenter has yet to provide an update on what is happening but has received congratulations from both Tory candidates and the media community at large.

Here’s everything you need to know about who Kate McCann is and how she is now.

Who is Kate McCann?

Kate McCann is a political journalist currently working at News UK’s TalkTV.

Debate moderator Kate McCann is said to be “fine” after passing out live on air. (Credit: PA)

The 54-year-old previously worked as a political editor at Sky News and has also served as a Whitehall reporter and senior political journalist for The Daily Telegraph.

McCann studied political science at Newcastle University and graduated in 2009.

She won the 2017 Press Awards for her work on the Labor Manifesto and is Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Press Gallery.

The journalist does not share details of her private life and keeps it private.

McCann has an estimated net worth of £1million, according to Fact Profiles.

Did she pass out during the TalkTV debate?

McCann presented the debate, co-hosted by TalkTV and The Sun.

It saw members of the public polling the two Tory leadership candidates on a variety of issues, including the NHS and the cost of living.

McCann had asked Truss a question about the war in Ukraine when suddenly there was a crash.

Truss said, “Oh my God,” and left her podium before the broadcast was cut off.

Then a technical message appeared on the screen stating: “We apologize for the interruption of this program. We are working hard to fix the issue and will return to normal programming soon.”

Is Kate McCann ok now?

After the show aired, TalkTV issued a statement saying McCann was “fine” but that the debate would not continue.

Taking to Twitter to share the news, the broadcaster tweeted: “Kate McCann passed out on air tonight and although she is fine the medical advice has been that we should not continue the debate. We apologize to our viewers and listeners.”

The journalist has yet to provide an update on her health or a statement about what happened.

Tory leadership candidates Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss sent her congratulations on Twitter.

Sunak said: “Good news you @KateEMcCann are already recovering. It was a great debate and I look forward to being grilled by you again soon!”

Truss said: “Relieved to hear @KateEMcCann is doing well. I’m really sorry that such a good debate had to end. “Look forward to meeting Kate and the rest of the @TheSun @TalkTV team again soon.”

When did Kate McCann join TalkTV?

McCann worked as a political editor at Sky News for four years before joining TalkTV in April 2022.

Speaking of press gazette She explained she’s “sprung from a really good job” and “willing to take a risk” so they could “rip down all the rules and start over.”

She stated her reasons for joining TalkTV were “fair” and “balanced” journalism.

McCann said: “For me, there are some questions from the public, particularly from TV stations during the pandemic, about trust, credibility and honesty.

“And so I think it’s really important for all of us who work here that we’re fair, that we’re balanced and that we do really good, solid journalism, which is at the very heart of everything we do .

“But that doesn’t mean it has to be dry or boring. We want to give it some personality. So we want to be able to talk to people the way you would talk to your friends.

“That is the point. It’s not about patronizing. It’s not about being sublime. It’s about telling people what they need to know in a way they want to hear.”

Speaking of her appointment to TalkTV, CEO of News UK Broadcasting, Scott Taunton said McCann was “the perfect choice” as political editor, adding that she is “one of the hottest rising stars in the lobby”.