John Blackman Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Real Or Fake?

Recently, social media has been inundated with rumors of John Blackman’s death. While some believed the news, some began searching for its authenticity. Aside from that, many people unaware of the viral personality became curious about him. Well, John Blackman is a well-known Australian radio and television broadcaster, speaker and comedian. In August 2018, the radio personality was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, an aggressive form of skin cancer. He was a comedian, author, and radio host who knew he had cancer. Word is now that John Blackman has died.

John Blackman dead or alive

Needless to say, this was a turning point in John Blackman’s life. After being diagnosed with skin cancer, the comedian began posting updates about his health on social media. Despite receiving the best possible treatment, the disease took the best out of him. As a result, Blackman had to have part of his femur rebuilt and his jaw removed. Let’s add that he has had to undergo many surgeries over the years to reconstruct his jaw. It was the most difficult war he had ever fought. John fought with determination and tenacity throughout the conflict. He never gave up and won the fight.

It was reportedly removed after a six-hour operation at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital, and Blackman made a full recovery. Through his determination, he won the battle and proved the disease was wrong. Due to his golf-sized brain tumor, Blackman had a seizure on Christmas Eve 2007. He was successfully removed and made a full recovery after a six-hour operation at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital. Now it has appeared on the Internet that the well-known comedian has died. However, many sources refuse to believe that John has left the world, claiming the news is nothing more than another death hoax or rumor.

Well, let us tell you that no, while some people are paying tribute to the comedian on social media, it’s not confirmed if he’s dead or alive. However, we are trying to obtain reliable data on the ongoing matter. Speaking of John the Comedian is an Australian radio and television presenter, speaker, comedian and novelist. The radio personality has been diagnosed with basal cell cancer. This is a type of skin cancer that is extremely aggressive. His best known work is as a voice actor for the Nine Network comic variety show Hey Hey It’s Saturday.