Inside The View’s search for the next permanent co-host

Is there a permanent co-host for the biggest TV talkfest in sight? It’s hard to say at the moment.

June 6 marks 10 months since then Megan McCain Farewell to ABC The view after four seasons. Since then, viewers have been treated to a host of guest co-hosts sharing their thoughts and feelings on the day’s most polarizing issues.

But who could join regulars Whoopie Goldberg, joy Behar, Sunny hostess, Sarah Haine and contributor Ana Navarro more permanent at the table? It’s just too early to tell.

After reports surfaced The view “Fought” to find a host to take Meghan’s place, a show representative tried to set the record straight in a statement to the New York Post.

“That [show’s] The co-hosts have great chemistry and we look forward to finding the right cast for these smart, funny and fearless women,” the rep said in January. “Executive Producer Brian Teta‘s strong plan to select a new co-host is on track.”

The show’s ratings were better than ever. According to that Company Nielsen, The view is the #1 daytime network talk show and news program by household and total viewership this season.