Imposter syndrome: why do some of us think we’re not good enough? The Reset Room podcast

The Reset Room podcast explores the challenges surrounding imposter syndrome — and how to overcome them

<p>Imposter syndrome can prevent us from fulfilling our potential (Photo: Adobe)</p>
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Impostor syndrome can keep us from realizing our potential (Photo: Adobe)

On this week’s episode of The Reset Room, I speak to our resident expert and life coach, Amana Walker, about Imposter Syndrome.

This is a common psychological issue for many of us, and describes a mindset when we have doubts about our abilities, talents, or accomplishments and have a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a cheat.

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Does that sound familiar to you? Amana tells us that while it can affect anyone, “up to 75% of women experience imposter syndrome at some point in their careers.”

She adds: “It’s difficult for those who seek perfection, but you don’t get perfection in any job. It even discourages many women from applying for a job until they think they are 100% ready, while men are likely to apply once they feel 50-60% ready.”

Amana continues to encourage women to apply for these positions, even if they believe they do not meet all the criteria, as employers will prepare you and you will learn more skills on the job.

Listen to the full episode:

Podcast listeners will also learn what can evoke this mindset. Amana offers advice on what you can do to address it and move forward in your career or in other areas of your life that may be affected, such as studies or personal relationships.

As always, we also address a listener’s specific problem and help them solve the problem they are facing. This week, a listener asks for help with her sister, who she believes has Impostor Syndrome, which is affecting many aspects of her life in a very negative way.

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