How to watch first LIV Invitational series in London


Kevin Na is the latest to step down from the PGA Tour in favor of the LIV Invitational, which begins this Thursday, June 9th.

A total of eight LIV events are planned, with five taking place in the United States, one in Saudi Arabia and one in Thailand, and there is a total prize fund of £225 million available.


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The Saudi-backed invitational series sparked a major split in the golfing world as the latest news from the PGA Tour said players attending the event would be sanctioned.

A statement from the PGA Tour said: “Members violating the tournament rules will be subject to disciplinary action.


“As advised to our entire membership on May 10th, under PGA Tour tournament rules, PGA Tour members are not eligible to attend the Saudi Golf League event in London.”

Big winners Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia, along with England’s Lee Westwood, Ian Poulter and Richard Bland are among the 48-man field set to play at the Centurion Club, and Na is now the latest to have retired from the PGA Tour in order to avoiding this penalty as he prepares for the first of eight events.

The first event will take place at the Centurion Club in London

The American world No. 33 took to Twitter to say he wanted the “freedom to play wherever I want.

“This was not an easy decision and not one to be taken lightly.


“By exercising my right to choose where and when I play golf, I cannot remain a PGA Tour player without being subject to disciplinary action and legal action from the PGA Tour.

“I hope that the current policies change and I can play on the PGA Tour again.”


Here’s everything you need to know to follow the LIV Invitational…

When does the LIV Invitational take place?


The first event starts on Thursday 9th June and ends on Saturday 11th June 2022. It will take place at the Centurion Club near London.

  • Portland, USA: June 30 – July 2
  • Bedminster, USA: July 29 – July 31
  • Boston, USA: September 2nd – September 4th
  • Chicago, USA: September 16 – September 18
  • Bangkok, Thailand: October 7th – October 9th
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: October 14 – October 16
  • Miami, USA: October 27 – October 30

How to watch LIV Golf Invitational


No TV channel will broadcast the Saudi-backed league.

However, fans can watch the event live youtube and through the official website as both will be streaming the tournament live.


Tickets for the Centurion Club, London

People under the age of 15 do not need a ticket to see the tournament in London. HM Armed Forces personnel will also have free access to the event.


Tickets for the events are available from Website with vacation and experience packages available.

What are the controversies surrounding the Saudi Arabia-backed league?


Rising as a rival to the PGA Tour, the LIV Invitational has created a rift in the golfing world. However, the fact that there is a strong Saudi Arabian influence has added to the controversy.

The country’s human rights history is a concern, along with its role in the Yemen war.


In recent years, countries in the Middle East, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, have started to increase their presence in the world of sport: three F1 races are now held in the Middle East; the 2021 Cricket T20 World Cup; the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the purchase of Newcastle Football Club by a consortium backed by Saudi Arabia.

Six-time Major winner Phil Mickelson sparked controversy in late 2021 by speaking out in support of the league while also criticizing the Saudi Arabian regime. He’s since taken time off from the game, but that hasn’t limited controversies with several prominent golfers like Dustin Johnson campaigning for the league at the expense of their PGA careers.