How did Richard Tait fare? Obituary and Cause of Death for Cranium Game’s Creator

How did Richard Tait fare? Obituary and cause of death for the creator of the Cranium game

Richard Tait, reportedly one of Seattle’s wealthiest businessmen, has died suddenly. Let’s examine if this is true or just a rumor.

During his time as Entrepreneur in Residence, Richard worked closely with the senior leadership team at Starbucks Corporation.

He has successfully identified, implemented and overseen food technology and retail technology products and services for Starbucks Corporation.

Richard Tait

Richard Tait

What happened to Richard Tait? Cause of Death & Obituary

Everyone sent sad messages on social media and there were numerous reports online that Richard Tait had died. The information was eventually cleared as incorrect; he is healthy and alive. The myth had lingered a little too long.

This rumor outraged Tait’s supporters when they heard it. We hope to see more of him at Starbucks so everyone can better understand entrepreneurship. His skills are extraordinary.

Richard Tait is a successful businessman with experience working for a variety of companies including Starbucks. During his time at Microsoft, he was involved in founding new companies.

Tait claims on his LinkedIn profile that his role at Starbucks is “Chief Boom Boom” and that he “brings the energy and enthusiasm of a startup to the rhythm of a massive corporation.”

The online reaction to a current rumor variation shows how quickly rumors can spread and be believed, even when they are false.

People were concerned about Richard Tait because of the widespread media coverage of his sudden absence from social media. He ended up having a terrible case of mistaken identity, for reasons no one can explain.

Richard Tait’s Age: How Old Is He?

Richard Tait seems to be in his thirties. In 1988 he started working at Microsoft. Since then, he has led four waves of innovation and founded more than a dozen new companies.

He pioneered operating systems with OS/2 and the IBM Alliance, and also helped found the Solution Provider Network, Microsoft’s first value-added reseller channel for Windows NT.

In addition to supporting and advising entrepreneurs worldwide, Richard has founded new companies in beverages, mobile consumer experiences and supply chain visualization.

Richard holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth, and an honors degree in computer technology from Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh. Richard has been inducted into the Scottish Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame.

Net worth of Richard Tait

Richard Tait is a very successful businessman so his net worth must be in the millions.

The Scot appeared unscathed but bruised from his harrowing business venture. He has found success at Starbucks, whose CEO Howard Schultz first endorsed Golazo and Cranium.

In fact, Tait worked as a consultant for Starbucks for a few years after Hasbro paid $77 million to acquire board game company Cranium in 2008.

Richard became an entrepreneur after leaving Microsoft and founded Cranium, one of the leading gaming companies in the world. Cranium sold more than 20 million games worldwide before being acquired by Hasbro in 2007.

Richard sat on the toy industry board while Cranium developed new distribution channels and showcased imaginative product design with a range of award-winning games.

Golazo, an invigorating soccer-themed sports drink, was also launched by Tait in 2010. The product received a $3.7 million investment round in 2011 from investors including Howard Schultz, the creator of Starbucks. Golazo was also well known due to a large social media campaign and Seattle’s evolving status as the soccer capital.