Heatwave UK: how to stay cool in the heatwave


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<p>A few simple tips can help you sleep well during a heat wave.</p><div data-ad-id=

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A few simple tips can help you sleep well during a heat wave.

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The record for the UK’s hottest temperature, recorded at 38.7C in 2019, is forecast to be broken this summer.

Experts have started sharing their advice on how to avoid tossing and turning during the heatwave – while warning that shorter summer nights may give the body fewer natural signals to shut down.


“Sleeping in the heat can be a real nightmare, we’re constantly tossing off the covers, tossing and turning, trying to find the ‘cool’ side of the pillow, all of which impacts the quality of our sleep,” says Silentnight Sleep said expert Hannah Shore.

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“Anyone who sleeps badly in the warmer months should think about a different duvet for summer and winter. Your summer duvet should be a light duvet and if you are still too warm to sleep you can swap it for a sheet.


“You should also make sure that your bed linen is made of breathable fibers. Natural fibers are good at regulating temperature, but some people find these materials a bit heavy. If that’s you, go for polyester as they give you a breathable sleeping environment but aren’t as heavy.”

Hannah explained that sounds like rain or birdsong have no rhythm, which stimulates the brain to relax, while scents like lavender can help relieve anxiety and create a stress-relieving environment for sleep.


She said blackout blinds can improve sleep quality by preventing light disturbance, and being in nature during the day has been shown to improve overall mood, which helps us fall asleep more easily.

Hannah added, “Sleep is an essential part of living a healthy and happy life. It’s important to make sure your sleeping environment is conducive to your own sleep preferences, but adding an element of nature to your bedroom is a great way to instill a sense of relaxation and help the mind switch off each night.


“Whether it’s adding a selection of plants to the bedroom or just making sure you get outside for at least fifteen minutes a day, nature holds the key to a great sleep schedule.”

After turning your bedroom into a quiet place to sleep, it’s important to consider the material of the clothes you wear to bed.


Instead of sleeping naked, which can make you feel warmer as sweat builds up on your body, try this sleepwear made from natural fibers that regulate body temperature.

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