Four Indore Women Beaten Pizza Chain Employee Viral CCTV Footage Video

A video recently went viral on social media showing a group of four women beating up a young worker at a pizza chain in Indore. You can see the women continuously hitting the victim with sticks and continuing to hit her even when she falls to the ground. The video has been circulating all over the internet and piqued the interest of many. Everyone seems to be discussing it on their respective social media accounts. Because of this, video has become a hot topic. Scroll below for more details on the matter.

Four Indore women beat up employees at the pizza chain

The incident reportedly happened in Indore. As previously mentioned, the entire incident went viral in the form of a video and was quickly shared on social media. It shows a group of four women beating up a young employee of a pizza chain. Despite the victim telling the four women to stop, they continue to beat her. The young girl even falls to the ground, but that doesn’t stop the group of women either, as you can see that they don’t heed the staff’s requests to stop.

Later in the video, the girl can be heard warning the four women that she would file a complaint against them at the police station, but they don’t seem concerned. However, the reason why the young girl was mercilessly beaten is not clear in the video. The girl was reportedly spotted shielding herself at a nearby house to save herself from the cruel women. It is also reported that the girl went to the police station and filed a complaint against the four women at a local police station. Police have said they are trying to identify the accused.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time such an incident has happened to a young woman. Earlier, a woman was also badly beaten by a group of women. The incident happened in August 2021 when three women were arrested by police in Ballia Uttar Pradesh after assaulting a young girl for talking to a man on the phone. The woman had stated that the girl had been beaten for stealing a cell phone. In another incident, two sisters from a tribal community in Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh, were attacked by family members. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more updates.