Fantasy Premier League tips: When to use your wildcard

Here are our tips on when to use your wild card in Fantasy Premier League.

The Fantasy Premier League is back in full swing after a dramatic opening weekend that saw the likes of Erling Haaland, Edouard Mendy and Mohamed Salah bag all the vital points to start their season.

You’ll spend most of your FPL season deciding transfers or who to bench, but there’s also the wildcard to worry about.

The wild card is a good way to freshen up your team and rack up a lot of points if you’ve been struggling over the past few weeks – although you need to be very tactical about it.

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Here’s everything you need to know about using your placeholder…

What is a placeholder?

A wild card allows you unlimited free transfers in a match week – while you normally only have one free transfer before a match day.

While you can split and change your team as you see fit, there is no unlimited budget and you still have to stay within the £100m budget.

While the wild card is a great way for you to attract players who have started to perform well and can guarantee you lots of points, you can’t just use it whenever you want.

You can only use the chip twice per season – with the first wildcard being available from the start of the season until Saturday 12th November, before the second wildcard becoming active on Boxing Day until the end of the season.

When you play FPL you can usually save your free transfers if you haven’t used them for a week. However, once you use your wildcard, you will lose any saved free transfers you originally had and revert to normal.

Once you have confirmed your wild card, it is final and cannot be revoked under any circumstances.

When to use your placeholder

Only use your placeholder if you want to make multiple changes and not just a few.

For example, there comes a point for most players where your injuries/suspensions add up and you could change something – or maybe there are a few players not playing that week so you won’t get any points.

Make sure you use your first wild card in time before you can’t use it anymore. Don’t think you’ll have to use two wildcards after the November deadline.

In the meantime, the second wildcard is a good opportunity to wait out until many transfers have been made in the January window so you can bring in exciting new faces to freshen things up.

Other FPL chips

In addition to a wild card, FPL players can also use the Bank Boost, Free Hit, and Triple Captain chips.

Bank Boost is pretty self-explanatory and allows your players who are on the bench to contribute to your score as well.

For example, if you have a few players who are guaranteed to get you points over a weekend but can’t all fit in the starting lineup, use your Bank Boost to make sure they don’t miss out.

You can only use the bank boost once, so the best time to use it is probably around double the game week.

Your free hit is similar to your wildcard, allowing for unlimited transfers for a week, but your team will be back to how it was at the start of game week for the next deadline.

There used to be only one free hit chip, but since last season you can use it twice.

Finally, your Triple Captain allows you to pick a player for a game week to earn Triple Points.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you should use this on a player who scores a lot of goals and is playing against an easier opponent!