E4 Extra: launch date, shows, and how to watch


Channel 4 is launching E4 Extra, a new channel aimed at younger viewers that will be home to comedy and entertainment programming

E4 sibling channel E4 Extra will launch this month, taking over the spot currently held by 4Music.


The channel will be home to reruns of popular entertainment and comedy shows, scripted and unscripted, as well as exclusive UK programmes.

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4Music will not be renamed to E4 Extra – both channels will exist after launch, but 4Music will switch to another channel and also see a change in the output.

E4 Extra launches on June 29th

What shows will be featured at E4 Extra?

E4 Extra will transfer acquisitions including:

  • Batwoman – After Batman’s disappearance, Bruce Wayne’s cousin Kate Kane takes over and becomes Gotham’s newest vigilante.
  • Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay spends a week with the owners of failed restaurants, offering his advice on how to salvage their ailing businesses – usually giving them a headache.
  • Ninja Warrior Japan – An edited version of the Japanese sports reality show Sasuke in which 100 competitors try to complete a grueling four-stage obstacle course
  • Undercover Boss USA – Executives at a company go undercover among their juniors to find out what their company is doing right and what could be improved to increase employee productivity and morale.

The channel will also broadcast repeats of Channel 4 and E4 characteristics, including:

  • The Big Bang Theory – American sitcom about four geeky scientist friends who broaden their horizons when an attractive woman moves in next door.
  • The Inbetweeners – British high school sitcom about four insecure, terrified teenagers navigating the trials and tribulations of growing up and having sex in suburban England.
  • Derry Girls – Five friends from Northern Ireland attend a Catholic school in Derry as sectarian conflicts flare up across the country in the years leading up to the Good Friday Agreement.
The Legendary fashion and dance competition airs exclusively on E4 Extra in the UK

E4 Extra will have the UK exclusive of:

  • Legendary Season 2 – In this dance challenge program, teams compete in voguing challenges where they perform dances inspired by models. Judges will include Jameela Jamil and Megan Thee Stallion, and the winning teams will receive a cash prize.

When does E4 Extra start?

E4 Extra starts June 29th at 7am and content will be broadcast 24 hours a day on the channel.


What channel will E4 Extra be on?

The channel takes over the slot from 4Music and can be found on:


Programs broadcast on E4 Extra can also be viewed on the All 4 streaming platform shortly after their first broadcast.

What is happening to 4Music?


As of 7am on June 29th, 4Music can be found at:

4Music currently broadcasts music and entertainment content but will return to focusing exclusively on music content.


Karl Warner, Channel 4’s Head of Youth and Digital, said: “4Music started out as a music channel but has evolved over time to meet audience demands, offering an E4-style mix of comedy and entertainment. So E4 Extra feels like a natural evolution, strengthening the E4 brand and optimizing the content mix between channels.”