Dog marries the bounty hunter’s daughter, Lyssa Chapman

Say Aloha to the newlyweds!

Pursue the bounty hunter alum Lyssa Chapman⁠ tied the knot for life Leiana Evensen during a Hawaiian ceremony on June 3 after more than five years together. The couple announced the news on Instagram, along with Lyssa – the daughter of Duane “Hound the Bounty Hunter” Chapman and his third wife Lyssa Rae Brittain⁠ – write next to it Photos from the wedding on the water“I am so happy, blessed, full of love and gratitude. I never thought I was worthy or capable of that kind of love.”

According to Leiana, she and Lyssa kept the wedding “a secret” and decided to announce it a few days later “to take it all in and just enjoy each other.”

“We now have the rest of our lives to enjoy love,” Leiana continued in a separate postShe added in a message addressed to her new wife: “Committed to growing love for you every day from this moment forward. I love you baby !!!”