Deundrea Holloway from Alton, Illinois, is Liese Dodd’s killer boyfriend. Death of a Pregnant Gf

Deundrea Holloway, Liese Dodd’s lover, has been charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend Liese, whose body was found in a garbage dump at her home.

Liese Dodd, who was eight months pregnant and expecting a child in late July, was reportedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend Deundrea Holloway. Heidi Noel, Dodd’s mother, came to Liese after not hearing from her pregnant daughter for some time. Heidi discovered her dead daughter at home and immediately dialed 911.

According to the New York Post, Deundrea and Liese have been on-again off-again romance for the past two years. Although it is unclear whether Deundrea was the father of Liese’s unborn child, he was arrested and faced many charges.

Deundrea Holloway

Deundrea Holloway

Read Dodd’s killer boyfriend Deundrea Holloway: who is he?

In the wake of the recent tragedy, Deundrea Holloway, Liese Dodd’s murderous lover, is making headlines.

Liese was eight months pregnant planning her baby shower when she was murdered, and Deundrea is the prime suspect.

Personal information about Deundrea isn’t available online yet, but according to Oxygen, a police officer described him as a “freaking, savage monster.”

Holloway is 22 and has been in an on-off relationship with Dodd for two years; It is not known if he is the father of Dodd’s unborn child.

Is Deundrea Holloway, suspect in Alton, Illinois murder, in custody?

Deundrea Holloway, a murder suspect in the Alton Illinois case, has been arrested by authorities.

On June 9, 2022, he was arrested the same day Liese’s body was discovered. In addition to the murder charge, he was charged with two counts of premeditated killing of an unborn child, dismembering a human body, covering up a murder and stealing a car.

Holloway was arrested by Gillespie cops while responding to a report of a stolen bike. According to Oxygen, Holloway refused to identify himself before officers caught him.

Before Holloway was sent to the Macoupin County Jail, he was charged with theft, resisting arrest and obstructing identification in the case. He was identified by the Madison County Attorney’s Office as the guy wanted for Dodd’s horrific murder, and he was charged with her murder.

Holloway is now being held in Alton Jail on $2 million bail.

Meet Liese Dodd’s mother and father in her obituary

After news of Liese Dodd’s death broke, her obituary was found on the internet.

Heidi Noel, Liese’s mother, discovered her body while visiting her pregnant daughter. She went to see Liese because she hadn’t heard from her for a long time.

The information about Dodd’s father is not yet available on the internet, and he is now missing from the picture. He has yet to make any public statements or appearances.

Likewise, Liese does not appear to be married, and there is no information about her current partner. The father of her unborn child has also remained a mystery.