Burger King: new trial sees deposit for sustainable packaging

In a new packaging trial, some customers will be charged a deposit for their reusable cups and containers

Burger King has launched a new packaging deal, charging some customers for reusable cups and containers.

The fast-food giant offers sustainable packaging in the form of a “clamshell” design for its side dishes and burgers.

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The new range, which also includes reusable cups, comes after Burger King announced it would phase out all single-use packaging by 2025.

What is the scheme and where will it happen?

Customers participating in the trial will be charged a £1 deposit which will be refunded once the packaging is returned.

The new trial takes place in five restaurants in Ipswich and Newmarket. These are:

  • Ipswich Copdock Exchange
  • Ipswich Europark
  • Ipswich West End Road
  • Ipswich Anglia retail park
  • Newmarket Fordham Road

The program runs from April 26th to September 5th and 10 products are available in reusable packaging including Whopper and Chili Cheese Bites.

If the trial is successful, the sustainable packaging will be rolled out across the Whopper range across the UK.

what was said

Loop’s Tom Szaky, who provides and recycles the packaging, said, “This provides customers with an easy and convenient way to try out reusable packaging when ordering their favorite burgers, side dishes and beverages.”

Cups and containers can be returned by depositing them in the Loop containers outside of the restaurant and other locations in the Loop app.

Nicola Pierce, Director of Commercial Planning & ESG at Burger King UK, said: “The launch of the new Burger King® UK packaging will feature the UK’s first-ever reusable and reusable clamshell for burgers and sides.

“We’re excited to see how the study unfolds over the next five months and how it will help us meet our goal of eliminating single-use plastic in our restaurants by 2025.”