Best power banks UK: chargers from Anker, Lenovo, Belkin

That anxious feeling that your phone will run out of charge when you’re out on an adventure? Get in touch with a portable power bank – these are the best

<p>Best Power Banks: Portable Chargers for Daytime Phones and Devices</p>
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Best Power Banks: Portable Chargers for Daytime Phones and Devices

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With the amount of sorcery being put into our modern technology, power-hungry devices are becoming more and more essential to our adventure planning and execution.

The latest power banks on the market are vastly superior to those that were available just a few years ago in terms of weight and portability, as well as the battery space to charge our devices. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best ones out there, suitable for a range of situations.

Most power banks are very affordable these days, and many of them do an excellent job, but a word of warning would be to realize that there are literally tens of thousands of models from unknown manufacturers, especially on Amazon.

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While many of these do a good job, if you want the best performance, to name just three, we’d really recommend going with a trusted brand like Anker, Lenovo, or Belkin.

The best portable chargers at a glance

What should you look for in a power bank?

It’s also worth thinking about how you use your power banks and what kind of charging you want to do, as well as which devices need the most juice.

Most phones get at least a cycle or two from a standard power bank, and when you start going into the 20,000-50,000mAh range, you’ll want to be able to keep a laptop charged too.

If you’re looking for one of these high-capacity devices, look out for compatibility, as some on the market won’t charge Macbooks or Apple products, and some are even powerful enough not to be allowed on commercial airliners. As with anything tech-related, it pays to delve into the details to ensure you’re buying the right product for your devices.

Here is a selection of some of the best portable power banks currently available on the market.

Gear up for your camping and backpacking adventures

Groov-e portable charger

Groov-e portable charger