Anna Delvey wants to focus on ‘Something Legal’ after scandal

Anna Delvey Says she’s not the girl you think she is.

As part of Netflix’s limited series invent AnnaMany people have formed an opinion about the 31-year-old (aka as Anna Sorokin), who convinced the New York elite that she was a German heiress.

But in an exclusive interview with NBC News NOW, which will air June 16, Anna hopes viewers will see the “reinvented” Anna soon.

“Hopefully I get a chance to focus all my energies on something legal,” she said Savannah Vendor, as in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek. “I’d like to be able to have people not just dismiss me as a ‘cheater’ and just see what I’m going to do next.”

Anna’s rare interview was filmed virtually from an ICE detention center as she faces possible deportation to Germany.

Behind bars, Anna has managed to showcase her art collection entitled Allegedly while launching her NFT project. In March, Anna also appeared on Spotify Forbidden Fruits Podcast from the Orange County Correctional Facility in Goshen, where she addressed the accuracy of invent Anna.