Ambulance: BBC One release date of season 9 and trailer

The Bafta TV Award-winning documentary Ambulance returns for a new series set in the Northeast

The BBC documentary series Ambulance follows ambulance crews as they deal with life and death situations in their area.

Ambulance aired in 2016, with the first season focusing on the London Ambulance Service – the show has since traveled across the country.

Kyle and Alex in the ambulance

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What is “Ambulance” about?

The observational documentary series follows the dramatic lives of emergency services workers, from those in the dispatch room to drivers and paramedics on the ground.

Many of the staff work 12-hour shifts and each day brings new challenges as teams deal with patients in their area who are in urgent need of life-saving treatments.

The documentary also highlights the dangerous situation of the emergency services, which is overloaded with calls every 17 seconds.

In response, a no-send policy was introduced, meaning ambulances are only dispatched for acute medical emergencies.

In the first episode of the ninth season, a crew takes care of a refugee family who arrived in the UK just 17 days before fleeing Iraq.

Dispatcher Tom

As the team wants to help the father, who is experiencing chest pains from the trauma he suffered, they are also worried about the mother, who is seven months pregnant.

Another team is dispatched to the scene of a traffic accident, and meanwhile more calls come in about a second traffic accident outside a school, in which a boy was hit by a motorcycle.

In the second episode, the team is working under pressure in the control room when four Category 1 calls come in within ten minutes.

Additional problems surface when a crew waits hours at hospitals ready to hand over their patients.

Another high-speed collision is reported, with a patient in critical condition and an emergency helicopter being dispatched to the scene.

Where is Ambulance Season 9 set?

The ninth season of Ambulance follows the North East Ambulance Service.

Headquartered in Newcastle, the service also serves a population of more than 2 million people living in Sunderland, Gateshead, South Shields and Durham.

Who is in the cast?

Chirstopher Eccleston is the series’ voice actor – he’s been doing so since season two when he replaced ‘My Family’ actor Kris Marshall.

Eccleston is an actor best known for playing the Ninth Doctor in the first season of the rebooted Doctor Who. He is also known for his roles in Thor: The Dark World, Shallow Grave and the Dickens TV series Dodger.

The rest of the cast is made up of the EMS teams, including dispatcher Tom, paramedics Kyle and Alex, and crewmates Chris and Becca.

When is the Ambulance season 9 release date?

Ambulance airs Thursday 11 August at 9pm on BBC One – there are six episodes in the season which air weekly at the same time.

The episodes will also be available to watch on BBC iPlayer shortly after they first air.

Is there a trailer

Yes, there is, and you can watch it right here:

Will there be a 10th season of Ambulance?

Another season of Ambulance has not yet been confirmed by the BBC.

However, there are other emergency services in England not previously covered by the show including Yorkshire, East Midlands, South Western and Eastern.

So there’s scope for several more seasons of the show if the BBC decides to go ahead with it.

Watch this space for updates on the fate of Ambulance Season 10.